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Whether owner, lender or consultant, you need assurance the property you are buying, selling or financing will be evaluated by experienced professionals with the highest possible standards, current market knowledge and flawless ethics.

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Since 1933, Appraisers and Planners has been one of New York City’s leading, most respected and prominent firms with regard to expert valuation of commercial real estate.

We offer a full spectrum of appraisal and valuation services in New York and Philadelphia, from real property and portfolio appraisal to litigation support, expert testimony and arbitration, to superior expertise in estate valuation.

We have appraised some of the cities’s crown jewel buildings and worked with many of its leading real estate families.

We have evaluated property in excess of $30 billion in value.

We have knowledge and experience commensurate to the largest valuation firms, flawlessly combined with the personal service and dedication of smaller ones, such that you are assured the attention and oversight of a firm principal on every assignment.

Appraisers and Planners has been building our business, market knowledge and reputation for over 75 years. From historic properties to multi-building portfolios, when you want to know what it’s worth…

Appraisers and Planners has been answering the all-important question… What is it Worth? for over 75 years.

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